The world’s only true large-scale, quant-qual research platform.

Live research events and course evaluations for market research, media & entertainment, higher education and human resources.
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Invoke Practice Areas

Media & Entertainment

Maximize viewership potential and optimize your content. Benefit from moment-to-moment dial testing and understand exactly “why” some things work – and some don’t.
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Market Research

Actively participate in live, large-scale, qualitative research events. Immediately react to the unfolding research and walk away with the insights you need to make intelligent decisions.
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Higher Education

Dive deep into campus life by hosting live research events. And join with 300+ colleges & universities already using Invoke to make better decisions.
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Human Resources

Shape high-performance cultures that directly map to business results by understanding what makes your employees tick, and how you can help them improve their performance
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Our Platform

Invoke LIVE

Develop, test and optimize ideas and concepts in real-time.
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Invoke CoursEval™

Quickly obtain the answers you need by creating targeted surveys that seamlessly integrate into your LMS.
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Our Solutions

Whether you need to develop a winning concept, deploy a campus-wide survey or conduct a qualitative evaluation of a full-length video, our researchers have the industry & research expertise to delivery the outcomes you need.

Ads & Communication

Package Testing

Concept Evaluations

Shopper Insights

Video Content Testing

Audience & Brand Development

Course Evaluations

Student/Alumni Life

HR/Employee Alignment

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