Course Evaluations

You need to know what your students think, and our experience with over a million surveys a year has you covered.

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Integrate for Easy Course Evaluation Access & Faster Reports

Our LTI-ready plugin makes it a snap to take course evaluations and access reports directly from most major LMS solutions. Students, faculty and administrators can take course evaluations, non-course surveys and view reports in a matter of seconds without leaving their LMS portal. And this type of set-up clears the path for higher response rates and quality reports.

Make Reports Work For You

Your institution has unique needs, and our reports can be configured to fit them in a few simple steps. Hand over the reins to faculty and administrators, and they’ll be creating reports with their goals in mind.

Course Evaluation Features


Are your students developing the knowledge they need to pass courses and build skills/competencies with the ultimate goal of graduation and employment? Our experiential learning tools give you the insight you need to assist your students and prepare them for successful careers.


Evaluations aren’t just for courses and instructors. Give yourself a fuller view of your campus climate with surveys designed to handle self and peer assessment.


If you’re really into your data and want to mine your evaluations for deeper insights, our data warehouse can give you just that. With the click of a button, all of your quantitative data is pulled from our solution to be used in any way you see fit.


Slice and dice evaluation feedback with any number of configurable options. Faculty and administrators can create their own reports with unique aggregations, specific surveys, questions, and data tables.


Don’t let populating your system with enrollment and people records stand in your way. Schedule pulls from your SIS to update records as often or as little as you need with our automated imports. You save time, and the system does the work.

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