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Helping education institutions improve teaching and learning with a winning combination of LIVE research events and course evaluation software.

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Course Evaluations and Institutional Research Built for Today’s Academic Environment

Invoke Higher Education delivers both an enterprise survey platform and large-scale online research events to help colleges and universities meet the many challenges they face on a daily basis. Institutions can obtain deep insights to address issues such as shrinking enrollment, high accreditation standards, teaching effectiveness, campus services and any other questions you need answered.

Improve Teaching and Learning with a Robust Course Evaluation Tool

We understand how important feedback is for accreditation, promotion and tenure, and the general health of your institution. That’s why our course evaluation tool is equipped with features that make the process easy. Users enjoy:

  • LMS integration with single sign-on for quick access to course surveys and reports
  • Communication reminders during evaluation season
  • Configurable reporting to help your administrators and faculty put their data to use

Make it easy for your campus to access course evaluations and reports, and you’ll enjoy the rewards of engaged and happy users.

Understand the “Why” Behind Student Behavior

Invoke LIVE allows you to engage in real-time with up to several hundred students in a single online research event. You’ll learn what students do and why they do it, so you can make smart, confident decisions.

Real-time analytics enable you and your colleagues to react to the findings as the research unfolds in front of you. And you’ll have access to automated and customized reports one hour after each research event concludes.


Invoke’s survey platform helps you gather the data you need to meet and maintain the standards of your accrediting bodies. Ensure high levels of quality for both your institution and your students. And configure the data however you need so that it meets your objectives.


Invoke LIVE research events help you solve the problem of shrinking enrollment and declining retention – by revealing what students really want, and how to give it to them. Our patented large-scale research platform delivers the insights you can only get from side-by-side quantitative and qualitative research.


With Invoke, you can leverage your students’ feedback and ensure that course objectives are met throughout the semester – not just at the end. Our online survey solution gives both faculty and administrators the tools they need to make valuable improvements and drive real change across your institution.

Higher Education Platforms

Invoke LIVE for Higher Education

Develop, test and optimize ideas and higher education concepts in real-time.
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Invoke CoursEval™

Quickly obtain the answers you need by seamlessly creating targeted surveys.
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